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Thesis & Dissertation Writing Division

Because of the specialized nature of thesis and dissertation writing, the Essay Experts have created a dedicated division just for this type of academic work. The writers and editors who work in this division are specially trained in the art of thesis and dissertation writing, and we have helped more than 5,000 students complete their theses and dissertations with our knowledge of the steps involved and our dedication to the unique needs of graduate and postgraduate students.

The 5-Chapter Process
Understanding the thesis or dissertation process can save months of works, and the Essay Experts is here to help you through the most difficult writing assignment of your academic career. Thesis and dissertation writing is a multi-step process, involving not just the student but the academic advisors and the thesis/dissertation committee as well. We can create your document in stages so you can submit it for feedback in segments before moving on to the next part. We can help minimize the time you spend writing and revising by helping get it done right the first time.


Editing Services
You can also submit your own original work to us for a thorough review and comprehensive edit from our editing team. This means that we will go through your document, see which sections still need work and which are ready to submit, and we will make the changes you need to make your work ready for submission. Many students turn to us for a final review because it pays to have an expert's eye review your thesis or dissertation.

Customized Writing Services
We have developed a system to deliver high-quality theses and dissertations with remarkable speed. We understand that earning your advanced degree is a major step in your career, and we want to help you get to that step faster by helping you complete your most important writing project. We work hard to shave months or years off the writing process, and the quality and speed of our work is sure to amaze you as much as it amazes our current clients!

Sample - We keep our work for our graduate and postgraduate clients strictly confidential, but we have provided a generic sample of a thesis so potential clients can gauge our writing. Read it here.

To order your custom writing or editing service, visit our office in Toronto or contact us by phone. Our thesis and dissertation supervisor will help you identify the service you require to complete your document. We've helped more than 5,000 graduate students, and we know we can help you with your topic. Let one of our experts make your life easier by delivering great results.


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